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:: Gathering of the Clans ::

Wednesday, July 25 - Sunday, July 29

The Gathering of the Clans is here once again! We invite everyone to come out and celebrate with us at the first, true inter-kingdom gathering.

As usual, Clan will feature a lighted ditch-field, plenty of events for fighters and role-players alike, and feasts.

In the interest of making Clan a true inter-kingdom event, we are looking for volunteers to host various aspects of the event. We need people to run battle games, tournaments, arts and science workshops, bardics, and whatever else you can think of. We will also need people to help out with gate.

There are plenty of flush toilets, porta-potties, and male and female divided showers available on site.

Shower houses will be cleaned daily (Let's keep them that way.)

The Burning Lands will provide 1 raffle ticket to everyone who works a shift of gate. The winning raffle ticket will be worth $100 gift certificate to be used at any on site vendor.

All questions regarding Clan can be directed
to the Head Autocrats: 
Caliana and Dame Artimis

So come and join the revelry that is the Gathering of the Clans

Given the rise in non-game related conflicts across our organization, the Burning Lands has decided it will take a no tolerance position when it comes to any physical violence that occurs at Clan. If anyone is involved in a physical conflict, or are witnessed provoking one, they will immediately, and without warning, be removed from the site.

If necessary, police will be called in to remove those guilty of violating this edict.

Camping fees:
Adults $25.00
Children 6- 13 & day trippers $10.00
Children 5 and under free.
Monarchs Only
free checkin at gate.

We will be using wristbands again. Be sure to wear the band the entire event or you will be made to pay again to re-enter the site if you leave.

All campers must be off site by NOON on Sunday!

ATVs and golf carts will be allowed on site (though not provided). Absolutely no drinking and driving will be tolerated on site, and all vehicles must obey the posted speed limit. In the effort to provide a safe environment for all, anyone caught drinking and driving on site will be removed from the event!

All trash must be bagged and taken to central location marked on map. (Daily, please.)

Chainsaws are allowed during daylight hours: Wood must be dead and down already!

All new fire pits must be covered when finished!

No firearms!!!

No smoking in the feast hall!

No firecrackers!

All dogs must be on a leash at all times.