Gathering of the Clans 2017

Gathering of the Clans 2017

Wednesday, July 19-Sunday, July 23

Sacramento Mountain Retreat

3081 Us Highway 82, Mayhill, NM 88339 · (575) 687-3696

Inspired and themed

The quaint hamlet of Mayhill has been set upon by the wicked.  A curse has enveloped the land and foul beasts wander the fields and woods.  Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Mummies, Zombies, Demons, and the like roam through out the town and countryside; drawn to the village by some mysterious force.  Please join us in liberating the town, slaying the monsters, and participating in the inevitable ensuing revelry.      


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  Amtgard, Kingdom of the Burning Lands has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of the Amtgard Code of Conduct as outlined in the rules of play. All violations, including physical conflicts, will be responded to immediately by security. Violators will be removed from the event site and law enforcement will be contacted as necessary. Violations of site rules will be responded to with warnings and/or removal from site, if necessary. Site Rules:

Gate opens at noon Wednesday. Closes noon Saturday.
Lost and founds closes at 10 am Sunday. Rummage sale from 10 am to 1030 Sunday.

  1. All trash must be off the ground and deposited in one of the provided trash cans or dumpsters. There will be daily trash runs to help people dispose of garbage.
  2. All attendees must clean up after themselves when using any facilities on-site. Failure to do so will result in a ban from facility use or removal from event site as necessary.
  3. Only kitchen staff are permitted to use the kitchen. All use of the intercom must be approved by an event autocrat.
  4. All attendees will be marked with coded wristbands upon event entry. Anyone found without wristband will be escorted to gate to confirm that they have paid, or removed from site as necessary.
  5. All fires must be in one of the designated existing fire-pits or a personal propane fueled fire container provided by the attendees.
  6. Cigarettes and other tobacco may only be used in designated smoking areas. There is no smoking in any of the buildings or near the entrance of any of the buildings. Any attendees found leaving cigarettes or similar refuse on the ground will be asked to leave.
  7. No firearms, fireworks, or explosives are allowed on-site.
  8. All minors must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian during child events or provide proper documentation of emancipation or child youth waiver (PDF).
  9. Clan service animal requirements: I have received this information from the camp site manager. She would like anyone bringing a service animal to Clan this year to know that you must Email her the answer to the following two questions and send shot records for the animal in question. The information below was sent to her by the New Mexico ADA representative. If you have any questions please email Holly. Holly will send you an email back with information.

    This information must be back to Holly before Clan and no dogs will be allowed with out the email confirmation from Holly.

    What specific task is it trained to do related to the disability?

    Is the animal a service animal?

    Service Animals In Public Places

    The New Mexico Service Animal Act, (28-11-1.1 NMSA 1978 to 28-11-4 NMSA 1978) and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) states only dogs and miniature horses can be considered a service animal.  Under the New Mexico law, it is a misdemeanor to misrepresent a dog or miniature horse as service animal with fines up to $1,000 and less than one year of imprisonment (31-19-1 NMSA 1978).

    A qualified service animal must be individually trained to perform a task that benefits an individual with a disability. The task performed by a service animal must be directly related to the person’s disability.

    Emotional support animals, comfort animals or therapy animals are not considered service animals and are not protected under the New Mexico Service Animal Act or the ADA.

    Service animals must be allowed to enter buildings and other areas open to the public based on their service animal status.

    A service animal needs to be tethered, harnessed or leashed at all times. An exception is made if the handler is unable to use such devices due to their disability or if it would interfere with the service animal’s performance of the task performed. However, the service animal has to be under the handler’s control with voice commands, signals or other effective means.

    If a service animal behaves in an unacceptable manner and is not under the control of the handler, the establishment does not have to allow the animal on the premises; however, the handler cannot be barred from the premises.

    oUnacceptable behavior of a service animal:
    Shows threatening or aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, i.e., baring teeth, growling and other aggressive posturing
    Barks uncontrollably and runs away from the handler
    Makes unsolicited contact with the general public
    Solicits or steals food

    Service animals must be:
    oWell trained, accustomed to being in the public, stay calm and quiet beside its handler
    oClean without offensive odors

    Businesses and covered entities have no responsibility for the care and supervision of a service animal including cleaning up after it.

    Guy Surdi, MSW
    (505) 476-0420 or toll-free (877) 696-1470