Gathering of the Clans 2016

Gathering of the Clans 2016

Wednesday, July 20 – Sunday, July 24

Sacramento Retreat

3081 US Hwy 82, Mayhill, NM 88339, between mile marker 30 and 31 on the West side. Please join us this July for The Gathering of the Clans XXXIV in Mayhill, New Mexico. Since its inception over thirty years ago, Clan has been meant to represent the combined efforts of Amtgard across all of its subsidiary chapters. To honor this intent, we are pleased to announced this year’s event, featuring battlegames, quests, feasts, and other spectacles hosted by Amtgardians from across the entire country. Each year, the Gathering of the Clans is hosted by a sleepy hamlet just North of the Dragonspine-Burning Lands border. As our annual festival draws near, it is clear that an eldritch evil has besieged us from the cold wilderness of the nearby mountain ranges. The sun in the sky is but a dim glow amidst a hazy fog that covers the lands. Trolls, goblins, and other monsters have emerged from their shaded hiding places to besiege the village and bring great strife to its residents. Sailing up the great river from the nearest ocean, mighty warriors depart their longboats, in search of glory. In these desperate times, the Circle of Monarchs has gathered to address these evils summarily, lest their vile stench condemn these old halls to an eternity of despair.

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  Amtgard, Kingdom of the Burning Lands has a zero-tolerance policy for violations of the Amtgard Code of Conduct as outlined in the rules of play. All violations, including physical conflicts, will be responded to immediately by security. Violators will be removed from the event site and law enforcement will be contacted as necessary. Violations of site rules will be responded to with warnings or removal from site, as necessary. Site Rules:

  1. All trash must be off the ground and deposited in one of the provided trash cans or dumpsters. There will be daily trash runs to help people dispose of garbage.
  2. All attendees must clean up after themselves when using any facilities on-site. Failure to do so will result in a ban from facility use or removal from event site as necessary.
  3. Only kitchen staff are permitted to use the kitchen. All use of the intercom must be approved by an event autocrat.
  4. All attendees will be marked with coded wristbands upon event entry. Anyone found without wristband will be escorted to gate to confirm that they have paid, or removed from site as necessary.
  5. The following is our tentative fire policy(will be finalized soon): All fires must be in one of the designated existing fire-pits or a personal pit provided by the attendees. If you would like a fire for your personal camp, please bring a fire-proof container to use. All wood used for fires must be dead and on the ground; no living wood may be felled to use for a campfire.
  6. Cigarettes and other tobacco may only be used in designated smoking areas. There is no smoking in any of the buildings or near the entrance of any of the buildings. Any attendees found leaving cigarettes or similar refuse on the ground will be asked to leave.
  7. No firearms, fireworks, or explosives are allowed on-site.
  8. No dogs are allowed on-site, except for animals with documented medical purposes. All such animals must be attended at all times.
  9. All minors must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian during child events. Unaccompanied minors will be returned to their parents, and repeat offenders may be asked to leave. Interested in sponsoring a game, feast, or other event activity? Please send bids and any other inquiries to Lurker, who can be reached at richmoehn+clan @ (remove spaces) or on facebook through the Burning Lands Facebook Page