Amtgard Leadership University

Amtgard Leadership University

Gathering of the Clans (Friday):

09am  ALU Certification: Learn what it takes to put on an ALU panel. Hear from the current team on best tips and tricks and find out how your next event can host panels that may be included in the ALU line up.

10am  Fundraising: Face it, we’ve got a bad habit of focusing our fundraising efforts internally. Tired of asking your friends for $$$? That car wash not bring in what you hoped? Let’s hear about how to succeed in raising the money it takes to take your Amtgard experience up a nitch.

11am  Best Practices (Holding Court, Record Keeping…)
This is a grab all discussion. Some short discussions/snippets on various interesting topics and challenges that park leaders face.

12pm  Longterm/Succession Planning: Does your Kingdom/Land have a succession plan or does discussion stop once the crown is passed over. We want to talk to leaders with a deliberate approach to succession and transition.

1pm  Northreach/Winter’s Edge (Past, Present, Future)
They are putting in Kingdom bids. Let’s hear about these lands. What did they do to pursue Kingdom? What will they do once they’ve got it?

2pm  Kingdom Monarchs : We’re talking everything from planning for their reign to bannings. What does it take to succeed and how do their deal with Kingdom-wide challenges.

3pm  Recruitment and Retention: Psst, here’s a secret. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. What works, what doesn’t work? How do you keep players and introduce new ones? What are the tips and tricks to success?

4pm  Reinvigorate a Park: following behind recruitment and retention, we’re talking to players about how to bring the excitement back to the park. How to do shake the comfort of what you know and try to bring back that excitement that gets your park growing again!

ALU succeeds because of the value of its panel members and your interest. Please take the time to nominate or volunteer to be on a panel by contacting Gold Crest.