Clan Gathering of the Artisans Workshop/Class Schedule

Gathering of the Artisans


3:00pm       Drop-In Crafting

6:00pm       Wine Glass Painting with Pucina Moon

Chainmaille Rings w/Wulfric Lightning Fullmast

Wild Woman Challenge Begins


9:00am       Garb Pants with Aria Cross & Reiho (Limit 15)

11:00am      Basic Crochet with Baronette Illeria

1:00pm       Beginning Illumination with Taran Coldheart (Limit 10)

3:00pm       Naalbinding with Sir Jocelyn Archard (Limit 5)

Card Weaving Part 1 with Old Woman (Limit 5)

Bellydancing with Wild Woman Class 1 (At the fire pit)

Dragonscale Crochet with Pucina Moon

5:00            “Peyote” Beading with MacGyver

6:00pm       Maille 101 with Lord Squire Eronim Faitzhand (Limit 10)



9:00am       Flower Hair Pieces with Baronette Illeria

Pieced Spellballs w/Pucina Moon

1:00pm       ABCs of Weaving, All About Cordage with MaA Rook Montague Cross

3:00pm       Spray Art Class with Lord Jinkx “Taco Spice” Abaddon

Bellydancing with Wild Woman Class 2 (At the fire pit)

6:00pm       Intro to Maille Armor with Lord Squire Eronim Faitzhand (Limit 10)

Felted Dragons with Pucina Moon



9:00am       Court Garb with Sir Jocelyn Archard

Taming the Sewing Machine with Aria Cross & Reiho

1:00pm       Henna with Contessa UpMihr D Beanslaw

2:00pm       Wild Woman Challenge Ends and Judging Begins

3:00pm       Card Weaving part 2 with Old Woman

Bottle Weaving with Sari Wolfie

Bellydancing with Wild Woman (At the fire pit)

6:00pm       Beginning Leather Tooling with Artimus Kielder

Wild Woman Challenge Awards