Clan Arts and Sciences Competition

Clan Arts and Sciences Competition 2017

In the spirit of generosity and service, this year’s theme is ‘Selflessness’. All entries must be either gifts, service entries (e.g. loaner weapons for your kingdom, a PM kit for your local park), or anything that adds to or betters Amtgard. Made a knighting gift for a friend? Enter it! Wrote a song about how drunk you got at the last Clan? Enter it! Wrote a story or made fancy weapons to help your kingdom’s reign theme? Enter them! And please, tell us how your entry fits this year’s theme!



  • Dragon (Sculpture, painting, etc. judged on aesthetic and fine skill);
  • Owl (Swords, shields, armor, etc. judged on utility and workmanship); and
  • Garber (Tunics, dresses, etc. judged on form and function as garb)(More detail: Rules of Play, page 70)


  • Maximum one entry per category, per artisan.
  • Items must not have been previously entered in an Inter-kingdom competition. (Olympiad, Clan, Keep)
  • Due to the nature of the site, food and beverage entries will not be accepted.


Each judge will select and rank what they believe to be the best ten entries in each category.

This will award points on the following scale:

1st Place: 10 points 6th: 5 points
2nd: 9 7th: 4
3rd: 8 8th: 3
4th: 7 9th: 2
5th: 6 points 10th Place: 1 point

Each judge is able to assign points for placements 1-10.

The winner is the entrant with the most points after all categories have been judged.


Sir Forest enters:

  • Dragon item that places 7th (4 pts) with Judge A, but doesn’t place at all with the others.
  • Garb item that places 8th (3 pts), 7th (4 pts), and 5th (5 pts)

That is a total of 16 points for Forest.

Mesreth the Overachiever enters:

  • A single Owl item that places 4th, 3rd, and 5th.

That is a total of 21 points for Mesreth.



There will be gift certificate prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In the spirit of the competition, the prizes will be given to a person of the entrant’s choice. We all know a skilled crafter who do could do so much with a bit of supplies help, or a new enthusiast who would benefit from a bit of help getting started. The first, second, and third place entrants will get a chance to pick someone they would like to see the prize go to, anonymously or not.