Assassins Game

Highlander Games (Assassins Game)

There can only be one, and in Hylander combat it is to the death!

Breakdown of game:
Each highland warrior will receive a scroll, and it shall contain the name of your target. You must seek out and challenge your target to one on one combat. If you succeed in killing your target then you shall receive their scroll, of which a new target for you. However if you fail then you must leave your target alone for the span of 20 minutes. Combat cannot take place in court, in the bathrooms, in the feast hall, during battlegames, vendor area, cabins, tents, cars, gate, also if you think it’s a safety issue don’t fight there.

Sign-up sheet will be available at gate starting Wednesday and the game will start Friday 6pm and end Saturday night one hour before inter kingdom court.

Bring your armor for this will be militia!


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In service,
Squire Barrage “The Machine” Lashpaw,
Grand Duke of The Kingdom of The Burning Lands