Gathering of the Clans Jugging

It’s that time again Clan will be hosting an Inter-kingdom jugging tournament.  This year’s Jugging tournament is hosted by the Wolfriders. Your jugging coordinators are Dakota Crownstealer and Jubei Lashpaw.  Top Prizes CASH$$$ and Warlord Sports Gift card.

In keeping with tradition will be using the Standard Rules for Jugging with some exceptions.

  1. 5 Man teams
  2. 2 Alternates MAX
  3. Players can substitute whoever to wherever as many times they want.
  4. Substitutions happen only after a score, between the reset
  5. 3 min break in between 100 stone reset & side switch
  6. 5 lives per player, per match
  7. Players are allowed to move as soon as the dog skull is TOUCHED not when it leaves the circle.
  8. Every player has 5 lives per match including alternates
  9. Players bring their own weapons
  10. Counts:
  • Stun – 5 stones
  • Wound – 7 stones
  • Death – 10 stones