Gathering of the Clans Jugging

It’s that time again Clan will be hosting an Inter-kingdom jugging tournament.  This year’s Jugging tournament is hosted by the Warlord Sports. Top Prizes TBA.

In keeping with tradition will be using the Standard Rules for Jugging with some exceptions.

  1. 5 Man teams
  2. 2 Alternates MAX
  3. Players can substitute whoever to wherever as many times they want.
  4. Substitutions happen only after a score, between the reset
  5. 3 min break in between 100 stone reset & side switch
  6. 5 lives per player, per match
  7. Players are allowed to move as soon as the dog skull is TOUCHED not when it leaves the circle.
  8. Every player has 5 lives per match including alternates
  9. Players bring their own weapons
  10. Counts:
  • Stun – 5 stones
  • Wound – 7 stones
  • Death – 10 stones