Clan Champion Tournament

The tournament consists of four categories (Single Short Sword, Short Sword and Shield, Double Short Sword, and Open Weapon) run at different time slots.

Each category will be run with a half hour iron man preceding a double elimination, seeded tournament. Participants will be seeded based on their greatest number of wins in the ironman portion for each category. The double elimination tournament will have exactly 32 participants.

Points will be awarded to entrants as they place in the bracketed portion of each category- at the tournament conclusion, the entrants will be ranked by points accrued, with prizes awarded to 1st place through 3rd place. There will be an additional prize offered for the most honorable fighter, which will be determined by reeve poll.

Cash Prizes are as follows:
1st Place – $200
2nd Place – $125
3rd Place – $75
Most Honorable – $100

These award amounts are subject to change dependent on sponsorship from additional entities or event vendors.

Six and Under Tournament

This tournament will be run as an open weapon tournament, with entrants limited to anyone who has received up to their 6th Order of the Warrior. Anyone with 7 Orders of the Warrior or more is barred from entry.


Archery Tournament

The Archery Tournament measures a player’s ability to compete with another bow-user directly on the field of battle. Players may use a limited amount of arrows and must shoot and kill the other player in each match to advance. The tournament will be run in a single-elimination bracket.


  • Each match will feature two players at a time.
  • The first player to be killed will advance to the next round
  • Players may only use three arrows and must provide their own equipment.
  • At the start of each match, both players will be limited to a small box a set distance away from the other. Players may not leave this boundary until all arrows have been fired at the other player.


Spellball Tournament

The Spellball Tournament is a contest that measures a player’s skill as a magic caster. It is recommended to learn and memorize the incantations of all spellballs in the V8 ruleset.


  • Players will all start in the same playing field. Players may not leave the boundaries stipulated at the start of the match.
  • The field will contain an arbitrary assortment of spellballs. Not every spellball may be present. Players are allowed no prior knowledge of their availability.
  • When the game begins, players must grab a spellball off the ground, charge it, and thow it at other players. All balls have their normal effects.
  • Each player may block spell balls with their hands as per Magic Ball Block. Engulfing effects of balls blocked this way do not trigger.
  • The last player standing is the winner. Coins will be awarded to finalists depending on participation- these coins may be spent in the shop in the Game Hall to purchase prizes.