Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered somewhere else on the event site, contact us and we’ll answer it here. Make sure you show up prepared!

Q: What do I need to bring with me when I arrive?
A: Bring a state or federally issued photo ID with you when you arrive. It must show your birth date and name. If you pre-registered, it should match the name you registered with for an optimal check-in.

Q: Can I bring my dog, cat, horse, or other animals?
A: Our site does not allow animals. Only registered service animals may accompany event-goers. Please indicate this to our gate attendants when you check in at gate so that we can account for your service animal. Lack of compliance will result in ejection from the event. We are not responsible for your service animals; they must be attended at all times, with no exceptions. SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY.

Q: Can I sell garb, weapons, or other medieval-fantasy wares at this event?
A: We love vendors! Please contact Lurker via email( or via the Burning Lands facebook page ( You must sign up PRIOR to Monday, July 18th in order to be a merchant at Clan. All vendors are required to make a small single-item donation to the event to assist with prize support in lieu of a special vendor fee.

Q: Are there cabins available? What about Pop-up camper spaces and RV  hookups?
A: Availability is slim this close to the event, but please send all inquiries to our Board of Directors President at We want to sell as many of these spaces as we can.

Q: Why is an old Clan page showing up when I google search this website?
A: Part of our web space is hosted in a separate location that we don’t have access to. Please send all your friends to and DO NOT tell them to search for their own.

Q: What are the stipulations on having a camp fire at this event?

A:  You may have propane fire pits otherwise the bardic fire and I believe there is one behind the children’s building.