Event Schedule

Gathering of the Clans 2018 Event Schedule – Fairytales Grimm

Gate opens at noon Wednesday. Closes noon Saturday.
Lost and found closes at 10 am Sunday. Rummage sale from 10 am to 10:30 am Sunday.


Schedule of Events


12:00pm        Gate Opens

1:00pm          RP Tavern Opens Sign ups, Ongoing Quests

2:00pm          Chicken Quest RP Tavern

3:00pm          Archery Tournament Ditch Field

Drop-In Crafting

4:00pm          Spellball Dodgeball (Spellballs will be provided)

Quest: Return of Rumpelstiltskin RP Tavern

5:00pm          Goblin Bomb Battlegame Full Class

6:00pm          Wine Glass Painting with Pucina Moon

Chainmaille Rings w/Wulfric Lightning Fullmast

Wild Woman Challenge Begins

Early Bird Tournament

RP Tavern Closed for Dinner

7:00pm          Board Game Quest RP Tavern

8:00pm          Bardic: Storyteller’s Night Bardic Circle

9:00pm          RP Tavern Closes to Under 21



8:00am          Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy

RP Tavern Opens

9:00am          Garb Pants with Aria Cross & Reiho (Limit 15)

10:00am        ChakramBattle Militia

Kids Activity: The Owl Themed CraftsKids Event Area

3v3 Ditch Tourney

Pickpocket Quest Starts RP Tavern

11:00am        Basic Crochet with Baronette Illeria

Cinderella Quest Starts

1:00pm          Lunch:

Beginning Illumination with Taran Coldheart (Limit 10)

Blood Hunt Full Class

RP Tavern Closed for Lunch

1:30pm          Kids Activity: Demowith Lady Taaran Kids Event Area

2:00pm          King of Golden Mountain Quest RP Tavern

3:00pm          Naalbinding with Sir Jocelyn Archard (Limit 5)

Card Weaving Part 1 with Old Woman (Limit 5)

Bellydancing with Wild Woman Class 1 (At the fire pit)

Dragonscale Crochet with Pucina Moon

Assault Full Class

3:30pm         Kids Activity: Rescue the Owl BattlegameKids Event Area

4:00pm         Rats in the Kitchen Quest RP Tavern

5:00pm        “Peyote” Beading with MacGyver

Killing Fields Full Class

6:00pm        Dinner:

Maille 101 with Lord Squire Eronim Faitzhand (Limit 10)

RP Tavern closed for Dinner

7:00pm        Witches Brew Quest RP Tavern

8:00pm        Bardic: Drumming & Dancing

Board Game Quest RP Tavern

9:00pm        RP Tavern Closes to Under 21



8:00am        Breakfast: Breakfast Burritos

9:00am        Flower Hair Pieces with Baronette Illeria

Pieced Spellballs with Pucina Moon

ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

10:00am      Tunnel Battle Militia

Kids Demo w/Wild Woman (Kids Event Area)

ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

Tourney: 6 & Under

Puzzling Pirates Quest RP Tavern

11:00am      ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

12:00pm      ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

Clan A&S Competition: Entry from 12-1pm Activity Cabin

Rose Quests Double Currency RP Tavern

1:00pm        Lunch:

ABCs of Weaving, All About Cordage with MaA Rook Montague Cross

Take and Hold Full Class

ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

Clan A&S Competition Judging Begins Activity Cabin

RP Tavern Closed for Lunch

2:00pm        Griffin Quest RP Tavern

3:00pm        Spray Art Class with Lord Jinkx “Taco Spice” Abaddon

Bellydancing with Wild Woman Class 2 (At the fire pit)

Defend Your Flag Full Class

ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

3:30pm        Battle of Swans & Knights (Kids) Basketball Courts

4:00pm        Jugging Tourney Jugging Rules

Women’s Tournament Hosted by The Valkyries

ALU Presents: (Topic) Chapel

5:00pm        A&S Monster Garb Runway

Clan A&S Competition Pick Up Items 5-5:30

6:00pm        Dinner:

Intro to Maille Armor with Lord Squire Eronim Faitzhand (Limit 10)

Felted Dragons with Pucina Moon

7:00pm        Grimm Themed Kid’s BallKids Event Cabin

Kingdom of the Burning Lands Court Feast Hall

Sign up and Prep for Fairy Forest Quest RP Tavern

8:00pm        Bardic: 1v1 Competition

Fairy Forest Quest RP Tavern

9:00pm        RP Tavern Closes to Everyone



8:00am         Breakfast:

9:00am         Court Garb with Sir Jocelyn Archard

Taming the Sewing Machine with Aria Cross & Reiho

10:00am       Seeds of Destruction Full Class

Circle of Monarchs Begins Chapel

Kid’s Grimm Tales Hansel & Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Gingerbread Man

11:00am       Tourney: 7 & Up

1:00pm         Lunch:

Henna with Contessa UpMihr D Beanslaw

Global Ring the Bell Full Class

1:30pm         3 Stage Battlegame: Brothers GrimmKids Event Area

2:00pm        Wild Woman Challenge Ends and Judging Begins

3:00pm        Card Weaving Part 2 with Old Woman

Bottle Weaving with Sari Wolfie

Bellydancing with Wild Woman (At the fire pit)

Final Battle Full Class

Jugging Sponsored by Warlord Sports

5:00pm        Event Selfie for Selfie Squad in Honor of 35th Anniversary

Circle of Monarchs Meeting Ends

6:00pm        Dinner:

Beginning Leather Tooling with Artimus Kielder

Wild Woman Challenge Awards

7:00pm         Interkingdom Court Flagpole Circle

8:00pm         Bardic: Grand Bardic