Kingdom of the Burning Lands – Sponsored Lands

The Burning Lands is very proud of those lands which choose to come under us for sponsorship, however, we know this list is somehow incomplete Please let us know if you know you should be on this list! Simply email –

Too often, as is the case in many kingdoms, the only time we hear from a land is when they desire awards. To ensure that the members of your land end up with the awards to which they are honestly entitled, drop an email to the monarchy a couple times a year. Not always with such requests, but to let us know how you are doing. The kingdom is very accessible. We can be found at Yahoo Groups, the kingdom our new forum.  Not knowing how to get hold of us will not really hold water, especially if we get an email stating you had no clue how to email our Monarchy.

For the record, a freehold is a land which does not hold a contract, nor is formally sponsored. However, they do fall under the BL Corpora. If you feel your group belongs here but is not listed, please contact our BoardSecretary.

Sponsored Duchies:Angels Haven, Puyallup, Washington

Sponsored Shires:

Shire of the Golden Plains- Amarillo, Texas