The Following are usefull Amtgard links with helpful information for all people interested in Amtgard.

Amtgard Wikipedia - Exactly what it says, this is the full Amtgard Wikipedia run by those who know Amtgard.

Amtgard Online Records Keeper (ORK) - This site keeps track of members from different kingdoms including Burning Lands.  Members can check their credits and levels here.

Amtgard Atlas - This is a part of the Amtgard ORK and is a map with locations of the many kingdoms and parks where there are active Amtgard chapters.  You can probably find one very near you.  We are all over the place.

Electric Samurai (Amtgard Forums and Info Site) - Want to keep in touch with other people from Amtgard, Learn how to make some weapons, learn some new techniques, or keep in tabs on what is going on with those new version 8 rules coming down the pike?  Then this is your place to go.

Warlord Sports - If you want to skip making your own weapons, or want to get that great speedpole that won’t break, then you might want to visit Warlord Sports where you can buy Amtgard legal weapons online.

Other links will come as we find them, or you make them.